Sabrina Bertolo is a certified yoga instructor based in Montreal, Quebec. She completed her first formal 200hr training in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells in December 2016 and plans to expand her training to an extra 300hr course in the very near future.


“From the young age of 10 years old, my interest in yoga was first ignited when my mother began bringing me along to classes. I continued to be active throughout my childhood and adolescence with gymnastics, ballet, and dance classes. My passion for food and cooking drove me to attend a 1 year intensive program in 2011 where I earned a Diploma of Vocational Studies in Culinary Arts. I devoted myself to my work and love of the food industry for almost 6 years before hanging up my chef’s coat.


Throughout many ups and downs, I always managed to find a way to incorporate yoga into my life. After four years of knowing I NEEDED to get certified, I packed my bags for Costa Rica and studied under the very talented Marianne Wells. The experience opened my eyes to a way of life and living that I believe has forever changed me and this is where it has brought me today.


My hope is that Ohm is where the Heart is will become a go-to haven for all things health and wellness. I want to create an open minded community, willing to learn how to tend to their minds, bodies and souls in a way that will suit them as individuals. I want to remind people that we are all human and while we go through our own trials and tribulations, we can always do something with what life has given us.


I want to devote my life to helping others unlock their potential by creating a harmonious balance of the mind, body and soul. I will impart any wisdom and experience I can for you to draw on while outsourcing the amazing people around me who specialize in their own form of self-help.


I invite you to come on this journey with me.

After all..

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self – The Bhagavad Gita”

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